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Ormarić za datoteke AiLab Organizer - kupiti u Srbiji "Medpromex" DOO

tumba-yumba.jpgFile cabinets are purposed for outfitting of diagnostic labs, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Convenient – Two size versions:

1) rolling type (350х465х665 mm)

2) attachable type (400х600х850 – this item widens a table’s work surface).

High movability is achieved by means of self-castoring double wheels (with brakes).

Quality – high table board chemical resistance (table board - HPL plastic).

Safety – file cabinets materials have antimicrobial properties.  Movability with fixation option makes cleaning process easier and improves general operating performance of an item. 

Work surface – high strength chemically resistant HPL plastic.

Frame construction steel frame with antimicrobial polymer coating. 

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